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Who We Are

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As a global collective, we re-imagine folklore and history through experimental theatre, illuminating liminal spaces between perceptible and unseen worlds, and weaving diverse cultural narratives into a shared human tapestry.



We will achieve artistic, social, and economic freedom in a shared creative space by developing inclusive performances that push boundaries and empower new perspectives. Our core components are bold imagination, resonant emotional impact, excellence in execution, and economic accessibility. We are grounded in a spirit of inclusive collaboration and exploration with playful creativity, inspired innovation, and developmental opportunities for new artists of the theatre.



We strive to create an inclusive space where people of all backgrounds, ages, physical abilities, and self-identities feel welcomed. We aim to represent and give voice to historically marginalized groups and untold stories. Our performances are accessible, embracing diversity in ethnicity, culture, economic status, physical capability, self-identity, and more. We actively foster understanding across the human spectrum by welcoming emerging voices and new perspectives through the unifying power of theatre.

Our purpose is to engage hearts and minds, connecting humanity through the radical universality of imaginative audio and live performance, fostering equity and dignity for artists by our example as a company. We believe theatre can be a force for positive change when shaped by the richness of many voices.

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Shepherded by
Folklore LLC. EIN: 83-3525477

Folklore LLC is committed to respecting and welcoming all people. We most emphatically reject discrimination on any basis and actively work towards mutual understanding and positive engagement;  with true interest in the uniqueness of every individual.  

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