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Great River of Life,

You are in and of yourself, your own source.


Throughout history, humans have made every imaginable attempt to control and dam you,

to divert you into a state of separateness.


But you are uncontainable and unobstructable, always rejoining yourself like quicksilver.


You are the estuary where Love, Wisdom, and Strength are forged without words.


May your sacred waters cleanse and purify the ancestral tribal streams of our past,

healing the wounds that have divided us for too long.


May we come together now as one tribe, transcending divisions and separateness,

united in the embrace of the Great River of Life.


May we surrender to the flow of Life, and allow it to guide us toward a world of

peace, love, and harmony.


So let it be, and so it is.


Henry-Cameron Allen

7 May, 2020


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